Solutions Lawn Program

Solutions Lawn Program is our good “bang for your buck” program that still provides a beautiful lawn.

8 applications per year, about 1 every 6-7 weeks

This program provides all the fertilizer, both liquid and granular, to get the lawn healthy and keep it that way.  Insecticides are applied at optimal times throughout the year to maintain health.  Weeds control are used during the cool season to eliminate any unwanted weeds.  Pre-emergent weeds controls are applied in during the cool season to prevent weeds from reappearing. The difference between the 2 programs is weed control and disease control.  The Solutions Program provides weed control during the winter months (Dec-April) whereas the Freedom Program treats weeds with each application.  Also disease control is an additional charge on the Solutions Program.  Only 20% of St. Augustine lawns develop fungus’ that require treatments, so we feel that the service will still please most customers but allow for a little more risk.  If weeds multiply during the summer months, we can offer 1 time treatments or simply upgrade to the Freedom Program.  If disease develops, we would do the same thing.

For those who don’t have a lawn worth the 8 applications per year, we can customize a service to address the needs of the customer.  For these, we will do 1 time services, twice per year or quarterly addressing the needs and desires of the customer.

We also offer stand alone fire ant applications.  This is done for schools, large commercial associations or homes that have no lawn to work with.  Quarterly applications are typically all we recommend, but for FREE service calls on fire ants, 6 applications per year are needed.

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