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I’ve been with Problem Solved Pest since June of 1986. Since coming on board withProblem Solved Pest, I ran two pest control routes in the Southwest Florida area, gaining five years experience in residential and commercial service work, route sales and field training. I then spent 3 years as the Pest Control Service Manager, hiring, training and supervising 25 technicians in the department.

In 1997, I was promoted to the Training Director for the Western Region. Some of my responsibilities included assisting with teaching of existing classes, operations of the facility and the design of new courses, resources and materials.

In September of 2001 I was asked to take on a new challenge as Director of Etraining, designing and implementing an elearning solution for the Company which is a main part of my job…and still growing today.

In 2007 I tested and received my Associated Certified Entomologist (ACE) credentials through the Entomological Society of America, the organization that Board Certifies Entomologists the world over.

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