Learn about White Grubs

There are many beetles that produce white grubs, five of the most likely to create lawn damage are the larvae of the: Japanese beetle, oriental beetle, northern masked chafer, European chafer, and the Asiatic garden beetle.

White grub damage can be devastating to home lawns, athletic fields, parks, cemeteries, golf courses and other turfgrass areas. Damage caused by white grubs is the result of the grubs eating the root system of the turf. Symptoms of white grub damage begin with the turf turning a bluish color (wilting), followed by the death of the turfgrass stand. Dead turf can be easily pulled up or rolled back, often exposing the grubs.

Grub Life Cycle

Depositphotos 273020584 xl 2015 copy • Problem Solved Pest ControlTo properly control, scout, and monitor for white grubs it is necessary to understand the life cycles of these pests. Newly hatched white grubs may be seen in late July through early August. White grubs are C shaped and undergo three stages of development (instars). Grubs start feeding on the root systems of grass immediately after hatching. By October many of the grubs are in the third instar of development.

It is in this third stage that root consumption is at its highest level and damage rapidly occurs. As cold weather and winter approaches grubs will move downward into the soil and overwinter in their larval form. As spring approaches and soil temperatures rise, grubs will resurface to the rootzone and resume eating. In late May through June grubs stop eating and begin the transformation (pupate) into adult beetles. At this point the life cycle repeats.

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