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pink oleander flowers in Florida

Oleander Pretty But Deadly

What Makes Oleander Deadly? Toxic Components The plant contains two primary toxins: neriine and oleandrin. These compounds are highly potent and affect both the digestive system and the heart. The toxins are most concentrated in the sap, making any contact with the plant potentially hazardous. Mechanism of Toxicity Oleandrin, in particular, is known for its…

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ants nest in yard in Punta Gorda Florida

Ants are Marching

March Kicks Off Ants “Insect Reproduction Month”! Ants, roaches, silverfish, earwigs, spiders and many more creepy crawlies are building their nests preparing to begin their warm season foraging. Pest treatments are adjusted during this period in order to get the best results. Insect Growth Regulators, or IGR’s, play a vital role in today’s pest control industry.…

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winter rodents

Winter Rodents Can Be Avoided

Florida has some very mild winters. If you are here from way up north you may even call this weather balmy all winter. Winter rodents love the Florida weather. The longer you live in Florida you start to find these cold winter days are colder than you remember. Same goes for the rodents here. When…

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Worms On My Citrus Tree

Worms On My Citrus Tree!

Florida is an amazing place to live if you love a variety of animals and insects. While many people complain about all the “pests”, many are quite remarkable, even worms on my citrus tree. If you have citrus trees in your yard sooner or later you are going to notice a few damaged leaves and…

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bedbug myths

Top 5 Bedbug Myths

Bedbug myths can keep you awake at night.  Most people don’t like creepy insects crawling around in their home, let alone their beds while they are sleeping! Worse yet is when you do a little searching online and you read stuff that just isn’t true. Do you remember as a kid saying lice could jump…

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Brown Widow Spiders

Black and Brown Widow Spiders

In the vibrant landscape of Florida, two notorious arachnid residents command both intrigue and trepidation: the black widow and the brown widow spiders. The brown widow (Latrodectus geometricus) has gained notoriety for its distinctive tan-to-brown coloration, accompanied by a telltale hourglass marking on its abdomen. Although less venomous than its infamous cousin, the black widow,…

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spider myths

4 Spider Myths Uncovered

We have 5 spider myths to share with you. Have you noticed how spiders are everywhere in Halloween festivities, from costumes and decorations, to scary movies? Many people possess a deep-rooted fear of these mostly harmless arachnids, known as Arachnophobia. Let’s examine spider myths and take a closer look at our eight-legged friends, and debunking…

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Types of Pest Control

3 Types of Pest Control

3 Types of Pest Control When it comes to protecting your space, one of the most important things to consider is pests. Little critters that get onto (or into) your property and wreak havoc. These pests can bring not only destruction but disease, as well. While pests are common, that doesn’t mean that you’re forced…

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Argentine Bahia

Argentine Bahia

Argentine Bahia Look, we understand that finding the perfect grass for your lawn can be tough, especially in Florida! Between the warm seasons, the hurricanes, and the random cold snaps, you need a type of grass that can handle whatever comes its way and still leave your home looking beautiful. If this sounds like you,…

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Flower Pot Snake Brahminy Blindsnake

What is a Flower Pot Snake?

What is a Flower Pot Snake? Florida is known for many things: the sun, the weather, the theme parks…and the wildlife. Sometimes that wildlife sneaks up on you and gives you a scare. Today, we’re going to talk about one particular creature that may cause a fright but is actually of no danger to you.…

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Mole Crickets

What are Mole Crickets?

What are Mole Crickets? Your lawn is your pride and joy. You mow it, water it, weed it…but something out there is messing with it. It could be the nefarious mole cricket, a serious lawn pest that will terrorize your lawn and ruin all of your hard work. Today’s article will give you the information…

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rats and mice

Rats and Mice Love Your Warm Attic

This time of year 80% of our pest requests are problems with rodents. Rats and mice love the comfort and warmth of your attic as the cold approaches. We have a very good preventative program for these little, destructive creatures. Bait boxes are weather proof plastic containers that have an attractive poison for the rats…

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St. Augustine Grass Fungus

Brown Patch Grass Fungus

St. Augustine Grass Fungus or “Brown Patch” fungus is the cool season disease for our St. Augustine grasses. Over the summer months we deal with several different fungal diseases that most of our customers don’t even realize they have. Often the treatments are applied and damage never sets in. With Brown Patch fungus, we have…

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venomous snakes in florida diamond back rattlesnake

6 Venomous Snakes in Florida

There Are 6 Venomous Snakes in Florida Venomous snakes are found in every state in the US, including Florida. In fact, Florida is home to six of the most venomous snakes in North America. The poison from a venomous snake’s bite can cause severe illness or even death. Let’s look at some of the venomous…

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lovebugs in florida

The Lovebugs are Back

Updated 3/2/2022 If you have spent any extended time in Florida you are familiar with our seasonal lovebugs or Plecia Nearctica Or if you were unfortunate to visit in April/May or August/September. Twice a year we get to clean these bugs off our windshields and grills of our cars, motorcycles and boats. But what are…

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rat poop in kitchen cabinet unsanitary

How to Clean Rat Poop

If you ever had rats in or around your house you may be wondering how to clean rat poop. Let’s look at a few reasons and precautions you need to take before jumping in and cleaning this up. You need to be real careful, and here is why. First Make Sure Rats Are Gone You…

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what do mice eat

What Do Mice Eat?

What do mice eat, and how can I keep them from coming into my house? Mice have always been an extremely common pest to find in the home, and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. Unfortunately, though, mice can also carry diseases that are easily transmitted through their droppings, urine, and saliva. It’s…

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poison hemlock problem solved pest

What is Poison Hemlock

Poison Hemlock has been spreading rapidly throughout the country. Cases of hospitalizations from Poison Hemlock have been rising as well. Leaving many people wondering what they need to know about this poisonous weed. How do you identify it? How bad is it actually? And why are people eating it in the first place? Identification Poison…

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Pest Control for Hurricane Season

Pest Control for Hurricane Season

Getting ready for hurricane season means stocking upon supplies and preparing your home to withstand the wind, rain, and flooding. As we go about making these preparations, we can often overlook another problem; the additional risk of pest infestation following the storm and the need for pest control for hurricane season. Hurricane Effects on Pest…

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yellow sac spider

Yellow Sac Spiders

During late summer and early fall you’ll probably notice an increased number of spiders in and around your home. This can be concerning especially for those who don’t know what spiders to watch out for and which ones are harmless. Of course, in an ideal world we wouldn’t have any spiders in our home, but…

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a mouse rodents chew wires

Why do Rodents Chew Wires?

When rodents find their way into our homes, they can do more than destroy our food, spread disease, and be a nuisance. They also have a tendency to chew on everything, including electrical wires.  This may seem like an odd habit as they get no nutrition or seemingly any benefit out of this act. So,…

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cold weather

Cold Weather Alert for Lawns

Get ready everyone! The next 6 weeks will be the cold weather with the lowest temperatures we will probably see this year! We have already begun to see evidence of cold stress in some lawns and on a few plants. Crabgrass and Bermuda grass have been affected the most. These 2 types of grass do…

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Brown Patch Fungus

Brown Patch Fungus Has Arrived

     Once again, November has brought out the brown patch fungus.  During this time of year conditions are perfect for the development of one of Florida’s most damaging turf grass disease’s.  Cooling temperatures and a few foggy mornings promote the resurgence of this pathogen that exists in the soil.  The only good news is,…

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Termite Extermination

6 Rules of Termite Extermination No pest causes as much damage to a home as untreated termites. In fact each year billions of dollars of damage is cause to buildings all over the United States. This is one pest you don’t want to tackle on your own. Here are 6 Rules of Termite Extermination you…

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grub control company picture of grub on dirt

Grub Control Company

You love a beautiful green lawn. You make sure your lawn is cut with sharp blades. You fertilize your yard and water on a regular schedule. Yet if you are not careful, something or rather, some insect might be working against you. It might even bring back thoughts of Caddyshack®. Problem is by the time…

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Are “Murder Hornets” In Charlotte County?

There has been quite a bit of media attention this week on an usual hornet spotted here in the United States. They have been grabbing headlines be being dubbed “Murder Hornets” in a recent New York Times article. What exactly are these insects? Are they here in Charlotte County Florida? How can I protect myself…

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Not Most Dangerous Spider In Florida

Dangerous Spider Found In Florida

Spider-Man® isn’t the most dangerous spider found in Florida. So an article on Florida’s most dangerous spider seemed like a good idea. We are always looking for articles that are interesting and people are curious to read. Month after month we find that one of the most searched topics here in Charlotte County are spiders.…

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Sand Spur Weed

Sand Spurs Hurt!

We have all been attacked by sand spurs and they are painful weeds. These little land mines seem to get you when you least expect it. They stick to your socks, shorts, shirts and even bare skin. Sand spurs are annoying should be eliminated from your yard. How can you do this? Let’s looks at…

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bed bugs

Bed Bugs – Before & After

Bed Bug Treatments The thought of having bed bugs terrifies most of us! Problem Solved Pest Control has been eradicating them for many years using a few different methods. The pest control industry has many different approaches to deal with these awful insects. Our treatments are extremely thorough, safe for our customers, cost effective and…

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german cockroaches

German Cockroaches

Pests of any kind inside your home is not good. Most people hate cockroaches and realize the dangers they carry. Some people call these cockroaches Palmetto Bugs, but thats just a broad term used for all types of cockroaches. Here in Southwest Florida there are 2 main types of cockroaches most people encounter, American Cockroaches…

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How Much Fertilizer

How Much Fertilizer?

You want a healthy green lawn. As you stand in front of all the fertilizer options what do you choose? Whats the numbers mean? How much should I put down? There are so many questions where do you get started. We want take a few minutes to give you some info about fertilizer that may…

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Healthy Green Palm Trees

Help! My Palm Tree is Yellow

Palm Trees, Pink Flamingos and Florida seem to just go together. When you finally make that decision to move to Florida, you can’t wait to have some palm trees in your yard. If your property is already landscaped and you love the look, you’ll want to keep everything healthy, growing and looking great. If you…

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protecting your lawn from frost damage • Problem Solved Pest Control

Protecting Your Lawn from Frost Damage

There are several factors that affect your plants during cold weather. Plants have a higher chance of frost survival under the following circumstance. While these are not guarantees, they might help to protect your investment. Plants with good nutrition at the start have higher endurance and are more likely to survive the cold Beds that…

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fire ant

Local Pest Control Company

Insects, bugs, rodents to name a few can be real pests! Here in Florida with the mild climate all year these pests can be much more of a problem than in other parts of the country. There are many pest control companies that will advertise on TV, send mail to your home and even call…

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Picture of Florida brown lizard

Florida Brown Lizards

No doubt when visiting or moving to Florida you quickly notice the small brown lizards which are quite abundant here in south west Florida. So what are these lizards, should you worry about them? Let’s take a few minutes to learn about them. What You Should Know First let’s start off by saying these fascinating…

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Cicadas – The Sounds of Summer

We all recognize that distinct summertime sound. Some of us love it others find it annoying. Anyway you look at them, Cicadas are part of our summers. Now if you grew up in the northeast US especially the cycles of Cicadas were interesting, 3, 7, 10, and even 17 years! Here in South Florida, our…

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Picture of House Fly on a leaf

Biting Flies in Florida

One of the best things about Florida is enjoying the outdoors – but if biting flies show up, they can quickly ruin an outing with their painful bites. Biting flies will bite humans and animals in order to obtain a blood meal. Not only are their bites irritating, they can sometimes cause injury or transmit…

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poly poly bug

Roly Poly – Pill Bugs – What are they?

Many of us played with them as kids, but many don’t actually know their name, or the facts about them, so we’ve assembled some of their basic info below. We called them roly poly or pill bugs. Are they just harmless insects or are they pests that need treated to keep them from our house?…

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Your Own Field Of Dreams

We’ve all admired a professional lawn, a perfectly manicured baseball field with its deep green, perfectly striped grass. How can you get your lawn to look as good as a major league field? You don’t need to be a professional groundskeeper to have a ‘field of dreams’ in your own yard. Here are 5 steps…

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Pest Prevention

Should I Get Pest Control?

Most homes have unwanted pests. Insects and wildlife can do extensive damage your property, create messes and even contribute to allergies. Some pest control tasks are easy to do yourself, but if you have a serious infestation, you might want to get pest control help from the experts at Problem Solved Pest Control. For lasting,…

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backyard wedding

Planning a Backyard Wedding?

Planning a Backyard Wedding? Having a backyard wedding can be a great choice. Maybe your parents have a beach house with a breathtaking view, or your grandparents have a lake house that would be an ideal location for your big day. Wherever you choose, you won’t regret saying your vows in a place that is special…

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Yard Watering

Yard Watering, Mowing & Pruning

Yard watering is important in keeping our yards healthy. Our technicians have been noting dry spots at most of their accounts.  Typically, we have the sprinklers reduced to once per week starting in December but for now, we are still recommending yard watering twice per week. Unless you have new landscaping, 1 watering per week…

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pest control tips and prevention for homeowners • Problem Solved Pest Control

Killing Weeds…The How To!

Just a quick update, this week marked the beginning of our full-strength weed control season in Southwest Florida. Now that the temperatures are consistently below 80, we added our weed control into our tanks and can aggressively treat any weeds that may be in your lawn. Definition of a Weed Weeds can be defined as…

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Pest Prevention

Pest Prevention Tips

Pests and rodents aren’t simply a nuisance – they can severely affect your health and the health of your family. This is why bug and insect pest prevention is critical in protecting homes, businesses, schools and any other place where people live, work or play from a pest infestation. Here are some general tips to…

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Watering Tips

Watering Tips for Southwest Florida

We’ve had consistently warm weather for the last few weeks and the heat is taking its toll on lawns. Here are some watering tips to keep your yard looking good all year. It’s very important to check your irrigation system for any shortfalls before dry, damaged areas begin to show. A strong root system helps…

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Royal Palm Bug

Royal Palm Bug Part 2 Palm Tree Health

The royal palm bug feeds only on Royal Palms (Roystonea regia). Females deposit their eggs in the spring along the ribs of emerging leaflets (fronds). The eggs hatch and reach adulthood in about one month’s time. Royal Palm Bug As the royal palm bugs feed on freshly opened leaves, yellow streaks appear. The leaves turn…

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Nutrient Deficiencies

Nutrient Deficiencies: Palm Tree Health Part 4

Nutrient Deficiency in Palms As with you, your lawn and all your shrubs, proper nutrition is essential for palm trees. This post will give you the “bare-bones” information regarding palm tree nutrition. We’ve compiled the most common nutrient deficiencies found in palm trees in our area. I hope placing this knowledge in the hands of…

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