Pest Control & Extermination Services

No one likes having bugs in their home. With Problem Solved Pest Control, Florida Homes and Businesses Can Become Pest-Free in No Time!

Let us take care of pesky pests for you. Our plan is simple. The first visit includes a thorough inspection and treatment of the inside of your home. Our technician will also create a barrier along the exterior perimeter as well.

The sub-tropical climate of Southwest Florida is characterized by high temperatures and high humidity, making the area an excellent breeding ground for numerous kinds of pests. Quarterly treatments are continued to renew the exterior barrier against pests like rodents, spiders, ticks, roaches and ants. Living in Florida requires property owners to be proactive when it comes to uninvited guests like pests.

Free Pest Inspection

The services we offer are not only efficient, but also very prompt. With Problem Solved’s programs of pest control, Southwest Florida property owners can benefit from round-the-clock services, including Saturdays, so if you notice any insects, bugs or rodents on your property, don’t hesitate: call us and we will schedule an inspection within 24 hours.

With our quick, efficient and modern pest control and lawn care services, Southwest Florida homes and businesses can become pest-free and stay pest-free; if you see unwanted creatures on your property, contact us today – help is just a phone call away!