Depositphotos 30632231 xl 2015 copy • Problem Solved Pest ControlProblem Solved Pest Control has raised the bar when it comes to the fertilization and pest control needs of your trees & shrubs. We know that your biggest investment for your outdoor Florida lifestyle is not your lawn but your trees and plants.  Most average lawns can be completely renovated for about $4500.  We work with hundreds of palm trees that alone, cost more than the entire renovation of most lawns.  In addition to the expensive palms in the landscape, there are hundreds of plants that once established, are difficult to replace, and expensive to replace in a mature state.

Tree & Shrub Program

With Problem Solved, our Elite 8 Tree & Shrub Program protects your high dollar investment. This service is completed every 6-7 weeks and provides all the right ingredients at the right times of the year. With our knowledge and expertise, we stay ahead of the problems caused by insects. We have learned the times throughout the year where different fungal diseases become prevalent, so we take proactive measures to thwart them.  The most important aspect of a solid landscape program is fertilization. Florida’s sandy soils do not have the nutritional values to maintain our subtropical landscapes and fertilizers are essential. With proper fertilization, many diseases are not able to develop. Flowering plants are encouraged to flower. The growth of the plants matures properly, stays thick and maintains its vibrant color. Knowing these factors, we have determined the best fertilizer blends and the optimal times of year to apply them. We stock 7, yes 7, different granular fertilizers and apply them to specific plant species generating the happiest of plants and trees.  We custom blend several different liquid fertilizer formulations which allows us to make minor adjustments to the plant needs with rapid results.   If you are ready to give your landscape the love it needs, give us a call.  We will assess the needs of your plant material and provide you the best service with a fair price.