tree & shrubIf you want to head south in the winter to avoid the cold winter, you can’t go any further south than Florida. Over 20 million people call this state home, making it the 3rd most populous state. So is the weather the only draw? Let’s look at some really interesting facts about Florida before your next visit to the “Sunshine State”.

Sunshine State

The “Sunshine State” nickname was adopted as the State Nickname by the 1970 Legislature. Even though Florida isn’t the sunniest place in America, that honor belongs to Yuma, Arizona, it is known for its endless sunny days and fantastic weather. The rains are welcomed here and they don’t last all day, as passing showers are expected in the afternoons all summer. So when you head to Florida, don’t forget your sunscreen. In as little at 15 mins you can get a sunburn.

Moving to Florida

There are a number of things you might want to know ahead of time if you decide to move to Florida. The plants, trees, animals and bugs are quite different from other places in the country. Many people think of Florida a place with endless palm trees and immaculate lush green lawns. The reality is that this just isn’t the case. Extremes of temperature, and the combination of a rainy and dry season can make it quite challenging to have a yard that looks like the resorts you have visited in the past. With endless websites and videos you could learn quite a lot, but it still takes years of practice.

Helpful Advice About Florida

One of the best decisions you can make about your new home in Florida, is hiring the right professionals. No matter what the project is you are working on, licensed contractors have demonstrated their knowledge and have the insurance to cover injuries should something happen. Now when it comes to your yard, its more about time and results. A reputable company with hundreds of reviews and satisfied customers like Problem Solve Pest Control, is a great way to get that yard you always wanted. A true professional will monitor your yard and always stay ahead of any pests problems before they cause damage. Keeping pests out of your house is just as important. Roaches, or as they are called in Florida, Palmetto Bugs are unwelcome. However, it’s the bugs that are hiding such as termites that are the most cause for worry. Oh, and did we mention the heat? Leaving the lawn mowing and tree trimming to the experts gives you more time to enjoy the beaches!

Still Not Sure

If you still have questions, and would like more information about moving to Florida stop by the local chamber of commerce. They will provide you with reputable and reliable companies that work in the local area. Many of these business owners live in town as well and might be able to give you advice. If you work with a real estate agent, make certain to ask questions.