Rodent Bait Stations – $50 Off!

Rodent bait stations provide a home or business a “first line of defense” from rats and mice.  Bait stations are about the size of a shoe box and are lockable.  No animals other than rats and mice are attracted to the 06 • Problem Solved Pest Controlingredients.  Kids are locked out.  Baits are placed inside the station and if rodents are in the area they seek out this material.  Once they have ingested the bait, they have approximately 72 hrs of life left.  The bait makes the rodent feel dehydrated.  This is by design.  Since rodents often like to reside in attics, the baits make them thirsty and keeps them from going back into an attic with no water source and dying there.  The sensation of thirst overcomes them and they desperately begin their hunt for water.  We often find them near pools, a/c drains, leaky sprinkler heads and so forth.

Bait boxes are problem preventers.  Rodents transmit numerous diseases, create unsanitary conditions in attics and love to chew electrical wiring.  With bait stations, all these issues should be prevented.

Everyone could potentially use them!

Bait stations are installed and every 3 months, stations are monitored for activity and to replenish the baits.  Once installed, they should be maintained until the problem is at least resolved and could be kept and maintained permanently for the added protection.

Southwest Florida is a wonderful place to call home. Unfortunately so do lots of rodents that can cause you trouble. Give us a call today or complete the form below for a FREE no obligation quote. We will give you $50 Off Rodent Bait Stations, when you mention this offer and sign up for our General Household Annual Pest preventative program.

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