Freedom Lawn Program

Freedom Lawn Program is our flagship lawn program.  With this service, the only things not included are mowing and watering of the lawn.  We handle the rest.

8 applications per year, about 1 every 6-7 weeks.

This program provides all the fertilizer, both liquid and granular, to get the lawn healthy and keep it that way.  Insecticides are applied at optimal times throughout the year to maintain health.  Weeds control are used year round to eliminate any unwanted weeds.  Pre-emergent weeds controls are applied to prevent weeds from reappearing. Florida’s tropical climate provides the optimal conditions for disease’s to develop and weaken our lawns.  We have the knowledge and  a vast selection of fungicides to treat properly and cure the disease or send it into remission.
Results are typically seen within the first week, but noticeable results are visible between weeks 3-4.
Our service is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We will do whatever it takes to correct any issues that develop under our care at no additional cost to our customer

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Fertilizers – Weed Control – Insect Control – Disease Control
Turf damaging insects – chinch bugs, sod webworms, grubs, molecrickets, fire ants, all guaranteed

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